5 Reasons You Need To Learn JavaScript This Year

Now is the best and most rewarding time for you to learn JavaScript.

I made the decision a few years ago to focus my learning and career efforts towards JavaScript. In this post I’m going to share with you some of the reasons I did that. I think you’ll find these points highly compelling, and think you’ll agree that you need to learn JavaScript this year.

1. JavaScript is The Language of The Web

All code that runs in the browser is JavaScript. I know there are some minor exceptions to this rule. You can compile other languages to JavaScript. IE allows for other languages to be used (JScript and VBScript I think). Generally speaking though, if you want to code in the browser, you need to use JavaScript. This means it isn’t going to become obsolete anytime soon; the entire frontend of the Internet depends on it!

2. You Don’t Need Any Special Tools To Get Started

Some programming language requires you to buy proprietary tools before you can use them (the .NET languages), or to download and correctly install some large files (I’m looking at you, Java). With JavaScript it couldn’t be simpler to get started. In Chrome, right click on any page, click ‘Inspect’ and you get a console into which you can type JavaScript which will be run. There’s even sites like JSBin that allow you to play around with JavaScript and HTML in the browser. There’s zero barrier to entry here. You have no excuses not to jump right in and get started today!

3. JavaScript is Everywhere!

JavaScript doesn’t just rule the browser. JavaScript’s ubiquity gives you career security and the ability to experience the variety of coding for a wide variety of platforms.

  1. Backend: NodeJS has made JavaScript a credible player in the backend world, to the extent that it is starting to replace more bloated ecosystems like Java.
  2. Mobile / Tablet Apps: React native allows mobile apps that target both IOS and android devices to be created from a single JavaScript code base. This means that companies no longer need 3 teams (web, IOS, Android). One team and one JavaScript code base can be used for all 3 platforms, delivering huge cost savings. I’m currently working on a team that is delivering a product to all 3 platforms using a single codebase. This means I can be a mobile app, frontend and backend developer all in one. With this broad a skillset do you think I’ll ever be short of work? Wouldn’t you like to say the same about yourself?
  3. Desktop apps: JavaScript can be used to code JavaScript apps thanks to Electron.
  4. Other devices: JavaScript is often used to code apps for devices like smart TVs, as well as Internet of Things devices which are found in smart homes.
  5. 4. JavaScript Allows You To Code In Your Own Style

    Functional, classical Object Orientated, prototypal Object Oriented or procedural. One of the great (or terrible, depends how you look at it!) things about JavaScript is that it supports multiple paradigms out of the box. It allows you to use the style with which you feel most comfortable, or even to switch styles based on the nature of the problem you are trying to solve.

    5. JavaScript Will Get You Paid Really Well

    I used ITJobsWatch
    to work out the average salary increase for a Senior JavaScript Developer in London since 2012. The data shows a 40% increase in those 5 years. Compare that to the 2% annual increase that most jobs out there get, and JavaScript’s upward trajectory in terms of earnings is nothing short of spectacular.


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