I am a developer with over a decade of real world commercial experience building applications using web based technologies. Over this time I have worked for all types of organisations including small web agencies, a series A tech startup, major national web sites and a major global investment bank. I am currently contracting in London, England. I split my time between highly paid contracts and international travel.

I graduated with a (low grade) degree in Computer Science during the aftermath of the dot com bubble bursting. Despite struggling to find tech work in the post crash world, it was obvious to me that software was going to eat the world, and that the web was going to eat software. With this in mind I dumped the Java I had learned during my degree and set about teaching myself web technologies. First this was PHP, but then as front end technology started to explode around 2014, I pivoted to become the JavaScript engineer I am today.

I have self taught myself all the technologies I use today, and so now my mission is to help others do the same, and become well paid geeks like me.